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Amber Bracelet / Anklet Made of Polished Lemon Baltic Amber

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Fashionable and healing - amber bracelet for your child.

* Material: 100% Natural Baltic Amber.

* Finish: Unpolished.

* Color(s): Lemon.

* Shape: Baroque.

*Locking: Screw

* Cord: Cotton 5,9 inches (15 cm)

Baltic amber is warm to wear, lightweight and comfortable, so kids love to wear it, especially amber bracelets. In contact with your skin high-quality Baltic amber warms up and releases beneficial succinic acid, which has a positive effect on the human body – help to improve the immune system, activate energy processes, normalize acid balance in the body, help to overcome stress and many others.

Baltic amber is naturally derived from nature, so each piece of it is unique. For this reason, amber jewelry you purchase in our shop will be similar, but not identical to the one in the picture.

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