Our story

From Lithuania to Brazil:

Lithuania is one of the three Baltic countries and the most closely attached to amber. From there came Viktorija Zieniute, one of the pioneers of Baltic amber in Brazil. Like all Lithuanian people, Viktorija knew the qualities of Baltic amber very well, either as a natural remedy or as a jewel of rare beauty.

Some of the most famous therapeutic benefits of Baltic amber are obtained in babies and children, by using it as a natural alternative to relieve the pain of teething, to fight colic, to improve the immune system, among other benefits recognized by the Baltic people throughout centuries.

A mother of three Brazilian daughters, Viktorija never gave up taking care of her family with Baltic amber from Lithuania even while living in Brazil and realized a total lack of knowledge of this product among Brazilian mothers. Why not provide for Brazilians the benefits that Lithuanians have known for so long? She thought...

At that moment, Âmbar Báltico Brasil was born, which would become Brazil's most successful Baltic amber shop.

From Brazil to the world:

Brazil has the greatest natural wealth on the planet and a culture strongly influenced by its rich nature. From ancient natives, diverse knowledge of traditional Brazilian medicine is passed on generation after generation.

Most Brazilian natural remedies come from their vast rainforests. However, the Baltic amber that has conquered Brazil can only be found in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea, on the coast of Lithuania, northern Europe.

Thanks to the pioneering spirit of people like Viktorija, it is easier to see Baltic amber jewelry on the necks and wrists of Brazilian adults and children. But a product with such qualities and endorsed by a people expert in nature should go to the whole world.

This was proposed by Jonathan Costa, a Brazilian who was in love with Lithuania and a longtime friend of Viktorija. From this union between Lithuanians and Brazilians Amber Nature was founded in Europe, and its worldwide story begins here...

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