to relieve colic and teething pain


to boost the immune system


to repel ticks and fleas


to treat headache, reduce insomnia and improve mood


the charms of the Baltic women


Amber Nature is a Lithuanian-Brazilian family business dedicated to Baltic Amber — a fossilized tree resin formed millions of years ago that is both a natural remedy and a unique fashion jewelry. Read more.

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Amber Nature is made of certified 100% natural Baltic Amber, the only type acknowledged for its ancient therapeutic properties. Our healing and fashion jewelry are handcrafted by exceptional Lithuanian artisans, people who have been working with this fine product for generations. Each piece is designed, created, prepared and shipped with care for our customers.


I want to tell that I started wearing the Baltic amber necklace on Antonio in August, just before he turned 2 months old. Yesterday he completed 3 months and took the meningococcal B vaccine (his pediatrician had even alerted me to a possible 40-degree fever, vomiting and a lot of pain). Well, Antonio just wept a little after the vaccine. Fever? I do not know! Other reactions? I've never seen! I believe in the necklace! Let there be more vaccines and teething.

Antonio's mother, Brazil

From Argentina we send a kiss and tell you that Roman Valentin has been using the Baltic amber necklace for a week and the results are already noticed, mainly because of the discomfort in the gums. All thanks to you and a friend who recommended it to me.

Roman's mother, Argentina

From Brazil to the USA! My son and I are already wearing our necklaces. I know it will benefit us a lot, besides being a charm. Thank you!

Brazilian mother, The USA

I bought the necklace when my daughter was few days old, today she is 6 months old and I can say that this amber necklace is life. My daughter has food allergies and she has greatly improved her cramps, and about the sleep I'm speechless. I've already recommended it to a lot of friends. Perfect!

Laina Oliveira, Brazil

I had terrible pains in my lower back, took anti-inflammatories and decided to get a Baltic amber necklace. I left the medicines and I have more disposition. Best thing I did! Thanks.

Anna Karina, Brazil

A week of use, I feel calmer, without headaches, and the flu has gone in 4 days. It was normal to have a fever and stay in bed for more days. Arthritis I do not suffer anymore. My overall health has improved a lot. Thank you for caring!

Tania Lopes, Brazil

The necklace was like magic, because my daughter did not sleep at night or day and she is already one year old, as soon as she started wearing the necklace she slept better both day and night, besides she is much less nervous. I'm finding it a wonder, especially now that she is teething and so far she has not had any bother. Thank you very much for the attention and agility. I'm recommending you guys to everyone!

Thais Gomes, Brazil

I would like to tell that in a week wearing the necklace, my husband already noticed a big difference in my behavior at home, especially in relation to stress. And guess what? He at first found something unnecessary, now he's after a necklace for him too!

Ana Paula, Brazil

I loved! I bought the Mom and Baby set. It arrived super fast and the whole family is already using it. The baby sleeps better, the itchiness of the teething softened and the tendinitis in Mom's wrist improved so much that they finished the physiotherapy sessions and, thanks to God, eliminated the possibility of a surgery! Dad also got one to boost immunity and not have any more excuses for not helping at home!

Raquel, Brazil