Amber jewelry – PREMIUM Baltic amber collection

Amber is one of the oldest known organic gemstone full of rich history. Lithuania is the leader in genuine, natural, high quality amber stone called locally as “Baltic gold”.

Throughout history, Baltic amber jewelry has been known for its natural healing properties and energetic qualities. Amber can serve as a natural remedy for pain and inflammation, can have calming effects on teething children, help to boost the body’s own immune system, boost awareness and concentration, reduce stress or restore energy…

Baltic amber promotes good health, attracts good luck and provides protection. Luckily, nowadays amber is still used not only as a jewel.

Amber is not considered as real stone, it is a fossilized resin, that’s why it is warm, lightweight, having different shades from light yellow to black. You will always find the perfect color of amber that fits your tastes.

Amber jewelry to chose: amber earrings, amber pendants, amber necklace, amber bracelet, amber ring or beautiful sets.


94 products

94 products