Amber beads for kids

Baltic amber has been used for centuries for healing, protection and also good luck. It has long been believed, that amber stone can help in many ways:

  • strengthen the body and boost immune system
  • alleviate many types of pain and relieve inflammation
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • help to treat common cold
  • and many others.

Amber necklace for kids is mostly used to protect toddlers from often getting cold during winter season, to recover sooner and to relieve the stress or anxiety while calming them. Amber teething necklace for babies is know as the most natural way of teething remedy. It is an indispensable amber jewelry in every family which is raising children.

Here you can find different Baltic amber necklaces, amber bracelets or anklets for your kids.

Amber jewelry is a perfect gift for every age and every occasion.


34 products

34 products