Amber Nature

Amber Bracelet made of Polished Cognac Baltic Amber

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This amber bracelet will not only decorate and give you a distinctive look, but also stimulate your body’s protective functions and improve your well-being.

* Material: 100% Natural Baltic Amber.

* Finish: Polished.

* Color(s): Cognac.

* Shape: Baroque.

*Locking: Screw

* Cord: Cotton

*Size: 7,1 inches (18 cm).

WHY Amber Nature?

The best amber jewelry is made from the Baltic Amber (succinite). This type of amber strengthens the body, improves immune system, activates energy processes, normalizes acid balance in the body and helps to overcome stress. Baltic amber jewelry are completely free of heavy metals or salts, but are rich in the highest concentration of succinic acid and contains twelve useful chemical elements.

Baltic amber is naturally derived from nature, so each piece of it is unique. For this reason, amber jewelry you purchase in our shop will be similar, but not identical to the one in the picture.

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